The Heights of Alma:

Set of Irish Reels:


Part 1 : Northumbrian pipes

Border Spirit – Billy Pigg (1902-1968)
Sir Sidney Smith’s March – traditional Northumbrian (variations by Pauline Cato)

My wife’s a wanton wee thing – traditional
Gigue – La Paysanne – Michel Corrette (1707-1795)
Mr Kennedy North – Tom Clough (1881-1964)

Read House Rant – Henry Atkinson Manuscript (1694/5)
The Dusty Miller – William Vickers Manuscript (1770)
All the night I lay with Jockey – Peacock Collection (1805)

Bray harp solo

Part 2 : Baroque Musette

Musette des Festes d’Hébée – Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683-1764)
Jeanne qui saute – Les Manches vertes – traditional country dances

Les Deffis ou l’Étude amusante – La Divinité des bois – Nicolas Chédeville (1705-1782)

Set of branles de village – Charles-Emmanuel Borjon de Scellery (Lyon, 17th century)
Coperario or Gray’s Inn – John Coperario (1570-1626)

Canaries – John Skene of Hallyards manuscript (c.1630)


Triplepipe solo (medieval ancestor of the bagpipe)

Part 3 : Scottish chamber pipes

Gingling Geordie – William Dixon’s manuscript (1733)

Mouth music: Pòg o leannan an fhidhleir (A kiss from the fiddler’s daughter)
– Am Bothan a Bh’aig Fionnghuala (Finlay’s Bothy)

Pibroch: Fhailt na Misk (Salute to the musket) – Colin Campbell’s ‘canntaireachd’ MS (1797)

Gaelic air and dances from Donald MacDonald’s Collection (1828):
Oran do Mhac Leòid – A Strathspey – The Perewig – The Wren’s Death

Wire-strung harp solo

Part 4 : Uillean pipes

Slow air: An buachaill caol dubh (The dark slender boy)
Seo Uileó thoil – The Canon Goodman collection (1861)
Slip jig: The Humours of Derrykyssane

Jigs: The Cauliflower – Kissing and Drinking – The Canon Goodman collection (1861)

Reels: The Lady’s Cup of Tea – The Old Man’s Blackthorn Stick – The Heather Breeze

All arrangements are by The 4 Pipers

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