Four Nations Piping Concert

October 9, 2009

an imaginative and enthralling show… wonderful blends of texture and timbre. With material chosen from many areas, contexts and periods, the result was a very varied, entertaining and satisfying evening of music.
An Piobaire

Magical is the only word to describe the wonderful tapestry of sound
Living Tradition

In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, a similar type of bellows blown bagpipe with a sweet and harmonious tone was used in France and the British Isles. A very elaborate instrument, the Baroque Musette was used in France for Court Music until around 1750, notably by composers such as Boismortier, Hotteterre and Rameau… In the British Isles, the tradition of playing bellows blown bagpipes exists to this day, primarily in the traditional dance repertoire.


François Lazarevitch +33 663 11 87 09
Barnaby Brown +44 810 00 13 77

For bookings contact Catherine MacMillan at


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