“Magical is the only word to describe the wonderful tapestry of sound”
The Living Tradition

“wonderful blends of texture and timbre. With material chosen from many areas, contexts and periods, the result was a very varied, entertaining and satisfying evening of music… an imaginative and enthralling show.”
An Piobaire

In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, a similar type of chamber bagpipe with sweet and harmonious tone was used in Scotland, Ireland, England and France. In this innovative programme, four world-leading pipers are joined by Bill Taylor, the foremost interpreter of the historical harp music of Wales, Ireland and Scotland.


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Barnaby Brown +44 78 1000 1377

Bookings (UK):  Marissa Vachon – events@siubhal.com
Bookings (France): Fanny Leclercq – info@lesmusiciensdesaintjulien.fr